Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Forgot How Much Fun Little Ones Are...

So my niece Bree is off to another race, this time in St. Croix. She is an awesome athlete and mom...she was however NOT a very good babysitter... Back in the days of her teens she babysat for me once! (Notice once...) I arrived home to find my bathroom door shut with towels all piled up in front of it. (so as to keep out the smell...) My son Hayden was learning to use the "kid's potty" at that time and Bree would have nothing to do with it! I won't elaborate, but I will let you know that my walls were never white again...just a nice shade of beige! It's kindof been the on-going joke between Bree and I over the years... So today I had the honors of keeping an eye on her little boy Kainoa. I documented my beautiful 2 hours with this wonderful little boy and asked him to tell his mommy all about it. (I don't believe in paybacks!!!! :) :) :)

Hey Mom Look at me I got a haircut!

Aunt Cricket cutting my hair... I did pretty's mostly even...

I kept moving around and around- but she could handle it!

Aunt Cricket said I was a "big boy" and did a great job...

She fed me pretty good- and I ate everything!

I even was her "big helper" and walked Phoebe all by myself! We took a long walk

out to the celery fields and I handled Phoebe all by myself!

Friday, April 24, 2009 you hear me? I'm talking to you.

Remember talking? Remember using the voice God gave us to communicate with others? That beautiful voice that you can hear laughter in...sorrow in....truth in...sarcasm in..strength in...people can hear you in....

It’s happening more and more. You look around in a crowded coffee shop, or in the airport security line, or at a sporting event. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is on their cell phone, or sending a text message, or checking their emails. There is now a term for this state of mind: “continuous partial attention.”*

Granted it can be a great thing- I love sending "I love you's" to my children, I love staying in touch with old friends but...

I find it sad. There is a time and a place for that. I feel we're missing out on conversations with strangers at the table next to us or in line with us; all because we're looking at our dumb phones.
To surf the wave of information comin at ya’ everyday, you can only be somewhat accessible and somewhat inaccessible. For if you dive too deep into any one email, your inbox will fill up faster than you can say, “I’m going crazy!” You know you suffer from continuous partial attention if:-You don’t have time to stop and listen to a random street musician playing beautiful music, because who the heck has time for that when you have 13 text messages to reply to and 43 emails in your inbox?-You dare to read your text messages while you’re driving.-Hello???? You can no longer sit through a 2-hour movie at the cinema because you're too busy. (Watched the man in front of me surf- (the net) at the last movie I was at.) He was with his children too:-(
The answer to continuous partial attention is learning to ward off distraction and be present in the moment. By taking the time to turn off the cellphone before important meetings, by having the respect to be fully present when around your children (and for all you "children" be present when around your parents), and by daring to take 2 hours to set your mind free at the movies, or on a walk, you naturally become more present.

It doesn’t feel good when you’re at lunch and the person across from you is multitasking. It doesn't feel good when you're riding in the car with someone who is focused on their phone. You are trying to get their attention, but they keep checking their BlackBerry. How annoying! According to Tim Sanders and his book "The Likeability Factor," the way you make people feel is more important than how good you are at your job.
It feels nice to be in a meeting or out to dinner with someone who looks you in the eye and takes a deep interest in the subject at hand. As Maya Angelou said, “People never remember what you say, and they never remember what you do, but they always remember how you make them feel.”

One who is more present is a better parent. We best teach our children that information overload is not a positive thing. A wise one said, “Children don’t need your presents. They need your presence.” I have a mantra that I believe is a good example to set for children: Everyday of your life (no matter how busy you are), enjoy one beautiful moment, one delicious moment, and one funny moment.

God Bless You Everyone- & Remember Your Presence is your Present... make it whole. No one wants half of anything-

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can You Feel HIS Love?

Me and my music man...

Click and listen & read...

I've been spending a lot of time looking for piano music for Hayden. I was listening to a Garth Brooks CD and liked this song. I kept saying to myself, "This could be a Christian Song." Sounds like God is singing to the world... I came home and found it on YouTube... and guess what? Someone else thought the same as me and made this video- It's awesome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My New Goal...

Michigan Sand Dunes...

Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.-- Mother Teresa


Fun at the beach

St. Anthony's

St. Anthony's
Brooke, Aubrey & Cricket

I'm Tryin!

I'm Tryin!
You've Come Along Way Baby.

St Anthony's

St Anthony's
Go Paulser!