Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Can Breath Again...

So life hasn't been much fun lately...looking back for about the last year our business has been the slowest it's ever been. The "News" is no longer news just a reminder of how messed up our economy & world is. Locally here in Sarasota all people talk about is job losses, no jobs, foreclosures, up-side down mortgages, New construction at a stand still, Teachers being let go do to children moving out of state- (parents have lost job or can't find one) , you name it...and on top of it all- It has been HOT! The kind of hot - well let me give you an example... I was at Universal Studios a couple of weeks ago and the B.O. was so bad it became the normal aroma for the air I had to breath. The garbage in the dumpsters has baked like a cake and it's all you can smell- everywhere. It has seemed like Hell here due to the heat and humidity. ( Which reminds me- please pray for the people hit by Hurricane Ike-I can only imagine what they are going through) I really felt like I was experiencing a little taste of the Devils "down-under" ! Scary!
I know in these sort of situations one must surround themselves and fill there mind with positive, purposeful words and thoughts. Boy have I been reading every book I could find from the Christian Book store... Listening whole heartedly to every word my pastor preaches, praying, you name it...I was still feeling depressed. I've been suffocating. I'm not a person that has ever had this problem, but life lately had been joyless! I needed a sign...please God give me a sign that things are going to look up... I got it today! I woke up to 68 degree weather. (If there is any humidity I can't tell... ) Today is beautiful, clear blue sky, and in the 70's now- Thank You God- I needed this...
I Can Breath! There is Hope...There is always Hope!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Miss...

My Dad! Just having him there like when I was young...
Picking fresh raspberries like I did when I was young.
Canoeing in Pennsylvania with my friends ... when I was young.
Running through a corn field and playing hide and go I did when I was young.

Climbing the "sand dunes" like I did when I was young.
Having a great body- without when I was young!
Young innocent love, no "big people stuff" when Paul & I were young.
Knowing nothing about the economy- (and not caring that I didn't) when I was young.

If only I could go back for a day...and take it all in just one more time.

Appreciate it for all it was.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kentucky Ironman Trip

Bree coming off the bridge in Louisville
Tyler & Hayden- Sperm wanna be's
The Winner! / Super man/ Holy *!%$ he's fast!

Ericka and Hayden goofing off while we hung up signs for Bree! Me making a poster for Bree!
Ericka- Bree's Mom keeping the family updated across the U.S.
Aubrey, Hayden & Tyler during the swim!
Waiting for Bree

Wooh- I'm still recoverying from our great weekend in Kentucky. We left friday at 5 a.m. and drove straight to Louisville- 15 hours... we spent the weekend doing the whole Ironman spectator thing. Watched our amazing little Bree do her thing!- We Laughed, Cried, Cheered, Ran, Walked, Drove, Talked, Listened, Admired, Prayed and Prayed some more, Ate, Drank, Sat, Stood- for hours, Hugged, and waited... it was the longest most thrilling roller coaster I have ever rode! Ironmen/ Woman are truly amazing people- they are definitely programed different than me. I admire them all- from the one who comes in first to the last to cross the line- they are all winners.

We met so many nice people from all over- and I can't say enough nice things about the locals there. Truly down-to-earth nice people!

It's hard to imagine that the entire 15 hour drive from Sarasota Florida to Louisville Kentucky is the same amount of time it takes for some people to complete the Ironman. What do you people think about? I can barely hold my self together in the car sitting on my butt- I am in awe over the dedication.

Then there is Bree- my niece! I've known her all her life and she never stops surprising me with her dedication. Who knew that that little cute bundle born on a cold December day- my sister's child would grow to become an Ironman-woman! and a FAST one at that! God sprinkled her with something extra... I know we all have gifts and one is not better than another- but Bree's is amazing to me and I am in awe. So proud of the woman she has become and so proud to call her family. Thanks Bree for doing Ironman Kentucky- I loved seeing you and seeing a new place- we ALL had a blast!

To all my family that was not there- there will be more- and to all my family and friends who made the trip a blast- Thankyou


Fun at the beach

St. Anthony's

St. Anthony's
Brooke, Aubrey & Cricket

I'm Tryin!

I'm Tryin!
You've Come Along Way Baby.

St Anthony's

St Anthony's
Go Paulser!